SRS Pharmacy News


SRS Has Added Spotlight Videos

We've heard your requests for more product information that is easily accessible to anyone in the pharmacy.

Veterinary Species Added to PKonRx

SRS has added animal species support, for veterinary patients, to PKonRx for reporting controlled substance prescriptions.

Fax Viewer Interface

SRS release the newly updated Fax Viewer interface.

Mobile Checkout Now Available

SRS has added Mobile Checkout which allows customers to pay and sign for prescriptions from their cell phone.

Barcoded Bagging & RxReady

RxReady now integrates directly with Barcoded Bagging.

Internet Failure Protection

SRS releases a multi-internet device to provide fail-over internet protection for the pharmacy.

Barcoded Bagging

Streamline the pharmacy’s checkout process with SRS’ Barcoded Bagging system.


Small Footprint Thermal Printer

SRS offers a more cost effective smaller direct thermal printer.

STRAND Integration

SRS has partnered with STRAND Clinical Technologies to bring clinical billing services to the pharmacy in a new and innovative way.

RxTran Integration

RxTran specializes in Multi-Language SIG Translation for those SRS pharmacies that have patients where English is not their first language.

DrFirst Integration

SRS has partnered with DrFirst to improve patient medication safety and adherence throughout the United States.


EMV Credit/Debit Solution

SRS' EMV solution helps pharmacies avoid liability costs, reduce card-present fraud, and protect patients from fraudulent purchases.


Naloxone Standing Order

A standing order for Naloxone has been approved by Governor Rick Snyder on May 25, 2017

ProMed Delivery

ProMed Delivery specializes in customized Same-Day and NextDay delivery for a variety of industries throughout Michigan.


New DEA Registration Renewal Process

The DEA is implementing a new DEA registrant renewal process beginning January 1, 2017.

Affordable Care Act Insurance Registration has Begun

Open enrollment for ACA insurance is November 1 - January 31. Register before January 31 and avoid penalty.

iMedicare Open Enrollement

SRS' integration with iMedicare will make helping your patients easier.

Thoughtspot Tradeshow 2016

The annual trade show by Good Neighbor Pharmacy is where independent pharmacies get the insights they need to enhance patient care in their communities.

Cardinal RBC Conference

SRS will be attending the Cardinal RBC four day pharmacy business conference hosted by Cardinal Health on July 20-23 in Chicago, Illinois.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Integration

SRS has integrated with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to offer assistance to low-income individuals and families.

RepeatRewards Integration

SRS Pharmacy Systems has integrated with RepeatRewards in order to bring loyalty rewards to community pharmacies.

PBM Transparency

New legislation could increase transparency of generic drug payment rates to ensure pharmacies keep pace with the frequent changes in pharmaceutical prices.

MPA Conference and Exposition

SRS will be attending the 2016 Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) Annual Convention and Exposition on February 26-28 at the Detroit Marriot in the Renaissance Center.

Affordable Care Act Registration Deadline

Deadline for ACA insurance open enrollment is January 31. Register before January 31 and avoid penalty.


SRS Interface with Medicat

SRS releases PKon Rx support for Medicate. PKon integration of Medicat will allow community pharmacies to increase workflow management by reducing double entry of addresses, phone numbers, student ID numbers and other information.

SRS Cover My Meds

SRS releases PKon Rx support for Covermymeds Prior Authorization management. This feature provides data to CMM for more efficient management of prior authorizations.

SRS USPS Integration

SRS releases USPS shipping for PKon POS along with FedEx and UPS shipping.


SRS' new process for PMP reporting (m-PMP) is designed to help pharmacies more easily comply with state controlled substance reporting (PMP) laws.

Michigan Requires Physician Individual NPI For All BCBS Claims

On March 30th, BCBS of Michigan and Blue Care Network issued a letter stating that effective April 1, 2015 they will begin validating the prescribing physician's individual NPI on all Rx claims and Organization NPI's will no longer be allowed.

PDS and MPA Conferences

SRS Pharmacy System's will be attending the 11th annual PDS Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 18th to February 21st. For the 24th year SRS is also attending the Michigan Pharmacist Association's (MPA) Annual Convention and Exposition(ACE) in Detroit Michigan February 27th to March 1st.


PKon Shipping Manager Beta

PKon Shipping Manager is an integrated system to handle prescription shipment from the pharmacy to patients and medical facilities. Easily print UPS or FedEx shipping labels and track shipment status, all from within PKon POS.

Michigan Pharmacy Technician Licensure

On September 30th 2014 the mandatory licensure of pharmacy technicians was signed into effect by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. This law will require an individual to obtain & maintain one of three licenses in order to practice as a pharmacy technician.

Hydrocodone Rescheduling

The DEA has rescheduled hydrocodone combination products from Schedule III to Schedule II Effective October 6, 2014. The SRS system will not grandfather refills of hydrocodone combination products written before 10/6/14, and will not allow refills after 10/6/14. The SRS system will manage all CII products in compliance with standard DEA rules.

SRS introduces Delivery Manager

SRS today announced the availability of its Delivery Manager Services. With Delivery Manager, enrolled pharmacies are able to track prescription delivery from the pharmacy to the patients home or LTC facility, and easily manage payments, signature collection, and report any exceptions.


SRS Introduces PKon RxReady Text Alert Service

SRS today announced the availability of its RxReady text alert service for users of its PKonRx pharmacy management software. With this service, enrolled pharmacies are able to notify patients via an automated text message that their prescription(s) are ready to be picked up.

SRS Introduces Wi-Fi Internet Option for Community Pharmacy Customers

SRS today announced the availability of a Wi-Fi Internet option for users of its PKonRx pharmacy management software. By means of a simple hardware upgrade to the pharmacy's existing router, SRS community pharmacies will be able to offer free wireless Internet access for customers and employees to use with their smartphones and tablets while in the pharmacy.

SRS Completes Interface to LDM CarePoints® Direct-to-Patient Messaging System

SRS today has established a partnership agreement with the LDM Group, a leading provider of behavior based prescription management programs.

SRS Completes Interface to Kirby Lester Dispensing Automation

SRS Pharmacy Systems today announced completion of a real-time interface to Kirby Lester's KL20, KL30 and KL60 tablet counting systems, for users of its PKonRx pharmacy management software.

SRS Introduces Smartphone Refill Solution

SRS today announced the availability of a Smartphone Refill solution for users of its PKonRx pharmacy management software. With this service, enrolled pharmacies will be able to offer their patients a fast and convenient way to order prescription refills any time, any place directly from their smartphones


SRS Introduces PKon eSig Wireless for Drive-Thru Windows

SRS today announced the availability of PKon eSig Wireless, a lightweight and portable hand-held signature tablet designed for for pharmacies with drive-thru windows. The tablet, a device utilizing the Android® operating system, is directly integrated with SRS's pharmacy management software, PKonRx, allowing users to capture proof-of-prescription pickup signatures in real-time.

SRS Introduces PKon Widescreen

SRS today announced the availability of PKon Widescreen, an all-in-one display for users of SRS's pharmacy management software, PKonRx. Featuring widescreen LCD color monitors with an LED backlight, PKon Widescreen offers full HD 1080p support, a 50,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and a HDMI interface, optimized for the finest image and color quality.

SRS Announces NCPDP D.0 Transition Complete

SRS today announced that it has completed the transition to Version D.0 of the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) Telecommunication Standard after certifying with what it believes is the final Pharmacy Benefit Manager that requires NCPDP Version D.0 certification — CVS Caremark. SRS had been waiting for a spot in Caremark's D.0 Certification Queue, which has now been resolved.

SRS Introduces PKonScan and RPh Verify for Prescription Scanning and Verification

SRS today announced the availability of its PKonScan application, allowing users of its PKonRx pharmacy management software to scan and digitally store the image of the original hard copy prescription.

SRS Introduces PhoneManager

SRS today announced the availability of PhoneManager, an integrated phone system with IVR for users of SRS's PKonRx pharmacy management software.

SRS Introduces RxTwin Technology

Incorporating the next-generation of PKonRx software, RxTwin combines pharmacy operations, systems integration and hardware failure protection in a powerful integrated systems solution.